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Updated: Aug 19

Have you ever purchased a nice, expensive paint brush and tossed it a few days later when the shedding just won't stop, or the bristles wont reshape?! I have. Over the years I have gone through more brushes than I can count from cheap chip brushes to premium brushes and beyond.

That is, until I found Cling On brushes. Boy was my mind blown! My first Cling On brush was the 040. It held so much paint and put it on smooth as butter. The dense bristles left little brush marks. I was literally mind blown.

I used that 040 for everything from laying down the primer and paint, to glazing, and even topcoats! It was the bomb!

Over time I added to my collection, finding the different shapes and sizes were good for different techniques and pieces. I found the small R14 (Round brush) was ideal for glazing and blending small areas. The F50 (Flat Brush) was killer for painting cabinets and applying top coat to small areas.

I still have my very first Cling On brush and use it almost daily - its been over 2 years! Yep, I am rough on my brushes and I have had the same ones for this long and they are still going strong.

I won't promote anything I haven't used, don't love, or wouldn't recommend to a friend. Cling On is worth every penny and in the long run is going to save your pennies too. Here's a few I recommend:

Hand-made in Holland and epoxy filled to the ferrule, these babies are made with care and each is built to last. Check out this video for the DL on why I love them, what I use them for, and a few tips that'll help you decide which is best for you!

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