Faux German Smear Fireplace Flip

Get the German Smear look at less than half the cost using Wise Owl Paint Products!

Ruth Ann’s Fireplace was multi-tone brick and too dark for her living room. By brushing a mixture of Wise Owl paint in Snow Owl & Bone we brought out the texture, brightened up the room, and got rid of the yellow tones.

I applied the paint by heavy stippling in some areas, and dry brushing over the textured brick. This allows you to see the brick color underneath, but still helps to neutralize the overall color.

I recommend using 2 coats Wise Owl stain eliminating primer to seal in any bleed through.

Here’s the steps:

1. Thoughroughly clean your brick using Dawn dish detergent and water.

Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer

2. When dry, apply 2 coats Wise Owl Primer in clear. Allow 2 hrs dry time in between coats, and 12 hrs dry time before applying paint. This will allow the primer to close pours, and seal in bleed through.

Cling On B12 Block Brush

3. Apply Wise Owl Paint by using a B12 Cling On brush. You can use any brush, but the B12 has a wide coverage area, holds a lot of paint, and will last for years. It will cut your project time in 1/2!

I recommend using any of the following colors: Snow Owl, Bone, Limestone, Antique Villa, or Kashmir.

Wise Owl Colors

Stipple the paint onto the brick starting from the outer edge and working in. Apply it heavily in some areas, then swipe your brush across the brick. This will give you color variation.

Take me a step back regularly to see how it’s looking. If you continually paint Up Close, you’ll most likely over paint your brick.

Wise Owl Matte Varnish

4. When your paint is completely dry (wait 4 hrs), topcoat your fireplace using Wise Owl Varnish in matte. This will make for easy cleaning in the future.

Happy painting! Flipping your fireplace will transform your home!

You can find all Wise Owl Products in the market: www.appleblossomway.com

White Washed (Faux German Smear) Fireplace

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