Get Stoned!

Updated: Aug 19

I get asked a lot, "Why does your shirt say, 'Get Stoned'?"

Hi, I'm Chelsea Evans, furniture artist & creator of the Apple Blossom Signature Stone Finish.

A few years ago I was working my magic on a dresser. I began layering colors in a way I hadn't before. When the hubs pulled in, he got out of the car and said, "Wow! That really looks like stone!"

I began to experiment with different colors and methods until I had it down just right. It was my stone finish. Now, the meaning goes a little deeper. Francis Measom Stone is my husbands grandmother. She used to flip furniture and she was a classy lady! I knew she'd love my stone finish if she were still here with us, so I named it my Signature Stone Finish!

I've added texture and drips along the way to enhance the finish. I even teach classes on it so others can "get stoned" too!

Class members are lovingly dubbed, "stoners".

Learn how you can Get stoned too: STONE FINISH GROUP


Information & Group Registration here:

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