How to Revive Aged Hardware

Updated: Mar 14

Antique pieces are some of my favorites to refinish. The hardware tends to be old, sometimes rusted, and the beautiful gold sheen lost. Here's an easy way to revive them using kitchen supplies!

You'll need:



A bucket

000 Steel Wool


Place the hardware in the bucket and squirt some ketchup on top.

Pour in white vinegar until the hardware is fully submerged. Stir your concoction up, and let sit 1-2 hours.

Your hardware will be caked in your vinegar + ketchup goo. Find an old table, or lay a cloth down. This next part gets messy.

000 steel wool + gloves.

Scrub your hardware until the bright, beautiful gold or silver is restored. It's like magic!

BOOM! Aged hardware revived! Rinse them in water and let them dry. Simple as that!

If the vinegar scent lingers after you've finished cleaning them, you can apply Wise Owl furniture salve to protect them and make them smell fresh & delicious.


Lemon Verbena

White Tea


Riotous Rain

Tobacco Flower

Black Sea

Noir Moon

Or clear unscented salve

You can find Wise Owl Salve on my site here: Wise Owl Salve

Use it to revive wood, metal, leather, and more!

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