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I never thought I would be a "sandpaper" person, let alone be too picky with the sander I use. I have used various orbital sanding systems over the past 10 years and I am happy to say I've fallen in love.

Yep! Surfprep Sanding systems and hands down the best sanders and sandpaper I've ever used! I'll keep it simple and I'll even through out my discount code for you!

1 handed sanding: By using very little pressure Surfprep's sanders glide across the surface of your project. You can literally text and sand! It's smooth orbit allows you to easily guide your sander across flat or layered surfaces without force. One of my favorite and truthfully most important aspects of the Surfprep sanding system is the pain-free sanding. Having had issues with my hands and carpel tunnel surgery in the past, Surfprep allows me to sand all day without irritation or pain later on. Other sanders have left me in pain. If I were only to have 1 reason to invest in a Surprep (besides all the other reasons I am about to tell you) it's smooth vibrations and ease of control would be it.

With its vacuum attachment there is little to no dust mess. I wore my street clothes and went to lunch after sanding cabinets! If you sand much, you know how messy it can be.

Here's a few short videos of my experience using the 3x4 sanding system. You can find Surfprep products by using my affiliate link. Be sure to enter the code APPLEBLOSSOM10 at checkout for 10% off all sufprep products: HERE

Sanding Edges & Trim with the 3x4 Electric Sander from Surfprep:

Sanding Flat Surfaces:

Surfprep sandpaper is second to none. Here's why:

Here's a summary:

  • 1 handed sanding - pain free sanding

  • Easy to use trigger

  • Strip or Scuff sand by simply swapping out the sanding pad

  • Sand details, trim, and edges with ease

  • Little to no dust mess

  • Sandpaper lasts longer than most other brands I've used

  • Worth every penny!


What sander should I get?!

Let's chat about my favorite sanders from Surfprep and the reasons I prefer each:


The 3x4 Electric Ray sander is ideal for detail sanding, especially corner areas such as cabinets, drawers, tight areas such as table or chair legs. This sander has the ability to sand detailed and raised areas using it's foam pads while also having the power to strip sand flat surfaces using the film abrasives.

Ideal for small flat surfaces and detail sanding. It is easy to maneuver and hold. I prefer using my 3x4 sander for refinishing Pianos, chairs, cabinet doors and framework, and any smaller detailed projects.

**For dust free sanding, be sure to chose the vacuum compatible sander when you are selecting your options.


The 5" Orbital Sander is ideal for sanding large surfaces, stripping finishes off of furniture, and is also great for detail sanding larger projects. Strip down a table top and prep it for stain using the film abrasives, then throw on a foam pad and sand those curved or routed edges without causing damage to detail. The 5" orbital with a a foam disc is also ideal to get into the crevices of table legs, cabinet details and other intricate areas.

This sander is ideal for large projects. It is easy to maneuver and hold. I prefer using my 5" orbital sander for strip-sanding, prepping furniture and large cabinets, and re-sufacing epoxy countertops and other epoxy projects.

The 5" Orbital sander comes in 2 different orbit speeds: 3/16" and the 3/32".

  • 3/32" Orbit is ideal for prepping & stripping

  • 3/16" Orbit for sanding epoxy countertops, but is also ideal for prepwork and stripping finishes

I use the 3/16" Orbital sander because I do many epoxy projects and prefer it. I recommend getting the HOOK & LOOP, VACUUM COMPATIBLE sander.


What Do I Need to Purchase with my Sander?

So now we have talked about the why and the sanders I prefer, let's talk about what you will want to purchase with your sanding system. Surfprep has created adaptations to their sanders to suit you. You can use any shopvac with the surprep sander, or you can use a built in vac system. This is why Surfprep allows you to chose your hose, hookup, and other extras with the sander.

Here is what I recommend adding to your cart when you are investing in a Surfprep Sander. I say investment, because that is exactly what it is. You are investing in your business, your hobby, and for me personally, my health. So grab the few extras when you make your investment.

(This makes it easy to attach your hose directly to your sander by screwing it into the sander)

I highly recommend purchasing a toolbox to store your sander in. I like to protect my investment, and it makes it a heck of a lot easier to transport to job sites and store film and foam discs in. Trust me, the toolbox is worth it.


See for yourself!!

You can find all Surfprep Sanding products by using my affiliate link here:

**Please note there is no price increase for you to use my affiliate link - in fact if you use my code, APPLEBLOSSOM10, you'll get 10% off! Using my affiliate link helps me to provide useful information to you, my clients, and supports me and my business.

Check out my Instagram Surfprep stories here for live sanding action.

Be sure to enter the code APPLEBLOSSOM10 at checkout for 10% off all Surfprep products!


Surfprep Vacuum POV-8

Stay dust free with the new surfprep vacuum!

SurfPrep Professional On-Site Vacuum

  • 8 Gallon Vacuum System

  • HEPA-M 99.97% of particles .1 microns and larger

  • Automatic self-cleaning filter system

  • Automatic On/Off

  • Static Conductive System

  • Systainer T-LOC Compatible

Unboxing the POV-8 Vacuum from Surfprep Sanding.


R.A.D. Pads:

RAD Pad hand sanding abrasives are made in the U.S.A. and will outperform and outlast anything else on the market. RAD Pad stands for 'Revolutionary Abrasive Design. The foam backing uses the same technology as Sufprep's Visionary Award Winning Foam Backed Abrasives, but gives the user an option for hard to reach areas where a tool is not always the best option. Perfect to use for small projects, intricate hand sanding, and smooth finishing. These are easy to hold and easy on the hands.

Foam Variety Packs:

Foam variety packs are a great way to test out the variety of thicknesses and grits that will work best for the applications being sanded. Instead of purchasing a full box of foam abrasives, each kit has (2) of each grit of SurfPrep foam.

Film Variety Packs:

Film variety packs are a great way to test out the grits that will work best for the applications being sanded. Instead of purchasing a full box of 100 pieces of film abrasives, you will receive a kit that has 5 of each grit of film. It also includes an interface pad and pad saver. I prefer film discs as they last longer and are more durable.

Screen Backed Abrasives:

Perfect for layers of paint or extra thick coats, these are heavy duty and will get through the tough stuff.

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