Learn the Apple Blossom Way Signature Stone Finish online! Fee for this group is a one time payment of $50. You will be added to a private Facebook group where you will have access to all recorded live tutorials, information, and group support. This group includes a series of live tutorials from prepping your piece, learning how to achieve a textured and smooth stone finished look , and staging your piece.

The Stone Finish Group is a positive learning environment with past students who are helpful, supportive, and great to bounce ideas off of. This groupwill remain open with access to all live tutorials. I will be available to answer questions and help with color choices and design.
All information is categorized into "units" for easy learning and tracking.

In addition, all group members will receive a special 5% disount code to use on all products offered by Apple Blossom Way.

After payment has been made, please send a join request with your order number to the Stone Finish Group on Facebook by clicking the link below, or sending a message to Chelsea via Apple Blossom Way's facebook page.

Stone Finish Group

**An email with a digital file will be sent for you to download. Disreguard this email as there is no download. All class info and tutorials will be through the facebook group.

Signature Stone Finish Group

  • There will be no refunds issued once you have paid and been added to the group.