Introducing our new Faux Brick Class! This class will be focused on how to create a faux brick wall that'll knock your mamas socks off! I'll walk you through how to create a faux brick wall that has texture, color, and dimension. This class is for the beginner or experienced painter who wants to learn how to create a faux brick wall inside your home, studio, or workspace.


Instruction videos will demonstrate how to create a faux brick wall and various techniques. You will be added to a private group with access to supply and product lists as well as the video instruction. This class will remain open so you can rewatch at any time. I will be there to answer questions during and after the live. After you have paid, YOU WILL NEED TO SEND A JOIN REQUEST to the Faux Brick Class on Facebook. Include the email you paid with and I will add you.





Group is open now and supply info will be given prior to the live class so you can participate if you'd like. My site automatically sends a download email- please note there is no download. The group is the class. Access the faux brick class here! Learn, gain some friends, and up your painting game! See you there.

Faux Brick Wall Class