Metallic & Pearl Glazes: Bring out the details of your piece with our glaze, perfect for any project!

Tips: Apply the glaze to your project after your final coat of paint has dried completely (allow paint to dry 24 hours before applying). For best results, lightly sand your painted piece, brush on glaze in sctions and use a damp lint-free cloth to remove the excess. Allow glaze to fully dry for 2 hours. Glaze produces a strong finish but Wise Owl Varnish may be applied after 24 hours. Wearing gloves can prevent temporary staining.


Metallic Glaze Color Descriptions:


Darkstar: A dark, metallic blue glaze. Looks amazing over light blues, dark blues, and even Black! Metallic


Gold: A bold, yellow metallic gold that is great for highlighting highpoints and details.


Black Pearl: Our black glaze with added black shimmer. Classic and pretty. Looks amazing over any color!


Moonstone: A duo-chrome color that gives a changing blue/purple/pink finish. Works best over dark colors like Black, Charleston Green, and Poseidon. And don’t count out using it over white or light colors! Moonstone looks white in the jar, but when it’s applied, it’s absolutely magical!


Champagne gold: A soft, muted gold that works perfectly with almost any color.


Metallic Silver: A perfect metallic silver great to use on details or to update your hardware.


Rose Gold: A sweet, soft rose gold that is perfect over Blush or any of our white/cream paints. Will also update you outdated hardware.


Opalescent Pearl: A super popular color that can be used just on details, or fully over any paint color to give it a classic opalescent finish!


Metallic Bronze: The perfect bronze for an old world or super modern finish. Use it as a stain, or to highlight details over almost any paint color. Great for updating hardware.


Chameleon: As you walk past, a mauve hue magically turns to a metallic green shimmer using duo-chrome technology. Incredible on blended looks and for mixing with other glazes to add warm and cool dimension at the same time.


Metallic Copper: A true, metallic copper color that will fool anyone into thinking you have a copper piece! Amazing paired with black or create a faux copper patina finish when you pair it with our Bronze, Patina and Verdigris Glaze.


Stardust: Want to warm up your paint by adding a shimmer with a slight gold undertone? This translucent glaze will let your original paint color shine through while adding a warm glow. Beautiful when used over greens, such as Dried Thyme or Abyss.


What is glaze?

Glaze is a semi-translucent medium that will take your painting to the next level!

Use it in the recesses and crevices, on top of details, as a stain, to refinish hardware, or as a “wash” to deepen the color and add visual interest to a piece.

Wise Owl Metallic Glazes



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