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About me... i began painting furniture during a blizzard that hit northern Indiana, maybeee... 8-10 years ago? My hubs had put an old 1980s entertainment center in the basement. I went down & painted it. Used wallpaint and plaster of paris.. original Pinterest info!! It then was moved to my great room where it has become my liquor cabinet. Gotta follow those Pinterest boards ya know?? Then! I was captivated by MacKenzie Childs. Crazy patterns... morphed a little plant stand a great uncle had made... on and on!! THEN! I began looking for real artisans & learning.

Keep in mind: I am a flute teacher! Have taught for 40+ years!! ( maybe THAT'S my problem!!!) butbI could always walk into a house or room and see it done differently!!

Now? I love seeing what REAL!! Artisans do and happily follow their leads!!

Life is grand!!can I also say I am not a "white paint" happy person? I revel in colors and texture!! After all! GOD PLAYS IN COLOR ALL THE TIME!!


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